Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vintage Vibe: July Finds

For a slow summer month, we've had some amazing vintage items pop up in the shop from our travels.
Check out this letterpress tray; it's been fitted with a wire hanger to make it into a wall mounted work of art or shadow box.  I delivered this to our pop up at Rustic Treasures this morning.
This vintage screen-printed fabric is exclusive to our Etsy shop; I think it's a perfect choice for a man cave or boy's room.  A very retro print with an owl, books and nautical instruments.  It's also a heavy weight cotton too.
And here's a rare find...Vintage bridge napkins with wine slippers or cozies.  A perfect set of six; they are gorgeous in a robin's egg blue with white embroidered trim.

We're off on another adventure this weekend for our wedding anniversary and you can be sure I've planned some junking stops.  Until then here's an article I just loved this week...
Game of Thrones fan?  Embroidery fan?  I'm both!  And this article (with gorgeous pics) highlights the stunning collection of hand embroidered costumes created for the show.  Read it here.

Featured in this post:

  • vintage letterpress tray - available at Rustic Treasures
  • owl nautical screen-printed cotton fabric - exclusively on Etsy
  • embroidered bridge napkins and wine slippers set - find it at Nest Interiors or Etsy

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happynest Bird Sanctuary

I've hinted for weeks that we'd hatched a new direction under our Nest family and now I can reveal what is truly in the works.  We are creating a non-profit bird sanctuary called Happynest; still very early in it's infancy, we anticipate opening to the public in some capacity in five years.  It is a largely untouched 7 acres bordering a small river in Southeast Louisiana; the property has a long history of wildlife as Native American arrowheads have been found throughout the land leaving us to believe it was a popular hunting ground.  Currently its home to bobcats, coyotes, bunnies, turtles, and yes, many, many birds.
For now, we plan on creating a website that not only charts our progress but informs and educates people on creating a bird friendly environment, protecting and creating habitats for birds and supportive wildlife, and providing access to quality bird and garden products. 
None of our existing businesses will go away - the brick and mortar, Nest Interiors or online business and blog Cottage Nest; they will now begin to work in concert to grow Happynest as a portion of everything we sell will now go to this non-profit.
I'll keep you posted as once our website is live and when fundraising efforts kick off!  Until then may all your birds be happy!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas in July

It's that time of year when the heat indexes reach over a 100 degrees and we reminisce about the chill of winter and the arrival of festive holiday gatherings.  Also, it's time for our annual sale!
This year, we're in multiple locations, which gives us even more to celebrate, right?!  The following are our sales and events:
Cottage Nest, our Etsy shop, featuring our vintage collection, high end craft items and my exclusive line of handmade goods is offering 15% off your total purchase with coupon code HOHOHOT now through Sunday.  I should mention that Etsy direct checkout is malfunctioning - all credit card orders will be eventually processed, but if you need something right now, please select Paypal.
Our pop up at Rustic Treasures is ready for the festivities beginning tomorrow through Saturday.  All items in our space will be 10% off (including sale items).  Other vendors are decorating with a nod to Christmas and this Friday will be a Sip & Shop beginning at 6pm.  (I can't wait - I heard there will be brownies)
And at our flagship in Ponchatoula, LA please come to the one day annual sale - 15% OFF your entire purchase of regular priced merchandise.  We'll have new merchandise, summery refreshments, and a patriotic peek of seasonal items on the way!  Our event coincides with other merchant celebrations in town so you'll definitely want to stay and make a day of it!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Destination: Independence Day

I really wanted to get away for the fourth - and I mean, get a-w-a-y from it all: the shop, the small town we're in (and the small minds).  We got the kids up early, fed, dressed them and tossed them in the car pointed north.  2 hours later we stopped at the friendly and small scale Jackson Zoo in Jackson, MS.
The zoo was built in 1919 and a few of the original buildings remain like the monkey castle and elephant house, now a cafe (with the best lemonade ever!).  It felt more fairy tale than zoo in certain spots.
And as expected, it was incredibly hot; lemonade can only help so much.  We were delighted to take advantage of their splash pad - a first for the twins, too!
Nothing cuter!  And one added surprise, they have a petite aviary.  I love walking through free flight cages and though only three species in the collection, they had a Blue Bellied Roller that I was not familiar with; a total treat to see this bird in flight!
We'll definitely have to visit again!  Now it's back to the shop and we have a busy weekend ahead with Christmas in July events planned at both the flagship and pop-up; also, beginning today our Etsy shop is running a special: 15% off total purchase with coupon code HOHOHOT.  More details to follow this week!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vintage Vibe: June Finds

Vintage Lacquered Wood Laminated Veneer Beaded Necklace
This month some very bold offerings have joined the collection; we're really excited about what's new from our summer travels so far!
Vintage Mod Big Stripe Cotton Fabric
Vintage Head Scarf or Necktie
Vintage Ceramic Hand-Painted Strawberry Flower Pot & Saucer
And some items sold within 24 hours of their's what you missed:
a very pretty pair of large scale barkcloth draperies
Vintage folk jacquard ribbon - almost wish I kept it!
Next week I'll share our prep work for our Christmas in July events at all our venues - storefront and online!

Featured in this post:
  • Vintage Lacquered Wood Laminated Veneer Beaded Necklace - available on Etsy with Free Shipping 
  • Mod Stripe Cotton Fabric - only one yard available here
  • Vintage head scarf or necktie, perfect for summer and free shipping on Etsy
  • Lucky to find another vintage Counterpoint handpainted ceramic; this one is a lovely planter with saucer available here, the cup and saucer I featured before is still available here (take advantage of the combined shipping when you purchase both.)
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Today, This Week, This Month...

So far this summer has been far from restful, but more about that in a bit.  I wanted to share some pics from the amazing 1st Family Equality Day Longue Vue House and Gardens put on about a week and a half ago.
If you've never heard of this gem, its an historic home bordering New Orleans & Metaire with a petite garden (but incredibly enchanting and engaging)

starting them young in the Children's Garden
It was such an incredible treat for us and our children!  Thankful for a day to explore and a brief respite from so many responsibilities: the kids, the shop, the online business, senior pets, catch my drift, this summer has been a bit maddening. 

Nearly the same time, I took a brief webinar from Kimberly Wilson; her seasonal webinars are always a must listen for me.  Last week's, in time for the Summer Equinox (tho its hotter than Hades down here already) was packed with ideas on how to shine this summer (I just want to survive at this point.)
Demi compromising as we watch together
A few points did resonate with me.  With so much on my plate, she offered up a question to pose to yourself: "What can you do today, this week, and this month."  Gosh, I've literally said that to myself each morning I've crawled out of bed since I heard it.  It's been a relief to chip away at to do's, problems I've ignored, even dreams that seem just out of reach.  I highly recommend it!  Also, delving in further I realized I have a huge problem with giving myself permission to do, well, just about anything!  I go from home to work to home and feel guilty should I stray with that inner voice; "you need to get home and do xyz" or "you can't stop at this shop with bills to pay at home" - so dutifully, I never really explore, open myself up to new experiences.  So, I'll be working hard to change that these next few months.  And one step, a huge one, I took today and will divulge all soon.

I'll be back soon with a look at this month's best vintage offerings (a lot has come in this month...take a peek on Etsy)

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Friday, June 17, 2016

From the Studio, a June Peek...
I had a resounding request for more gift sets with my original silk-screened designed towels; each is packaged with a cookie cutter and wrapped in bakers twine.  I always have them around Christmas as its an easy and functional gift, but I clearly overlooked wedding season as one bride came in to purchase for her bridesmaids.  Your customers will tell you everything you need to know!  So voila, two styles to choose from; the very popular Pump up the Jam towel and a new blue/brown towel, I'm crazy about for the moment, screened with a fleur de lis and paired with chocolate colored fleur de lis cookie cutter.
And here are a few painted pieces slowly coming out of my studio; the little shelf is old, which ironically I cleaned, repainted and stained to look old!  I do have to say the Howard's Wax we carry in Walnut makes the best tabacco-stained look!  It's a neat piece with a plate groove on each shelf; hard to find these days.  The stool is just precious; its a fairly new solid wood piece, a coat of paint and stain totally changed the look and feel to a more rustic and primitive item.
And finally we can reveal a long awaited addition to our very own chalk paint line; its a true red we've named after our town and state fruit, Ponchatoula Strawberry.  I also jazzed up the labels, what do you think? 

Hard to believe June is half way over and Summer begins officially next week (tho its pretty hot already!)  If you can believe it, last week I began ordering for Christmas - always a challenge to stay ahead in retail and be present in the moment of the actual season.  This weekend tho, I plan to find space to savor fireflies, a good book, and maybe a cat nap (hello summer!)

Featured in this post:
  • Fleur de Lis Towel Gift Sets - a limited edition found exclusively on Etsy
  • Pump up the Jam Towel Set in green - also found on Etsy  
  • Vintage Repurposed Shelf with Plate Groove - at our flagship, Nest Interiors
  • Small Primitive Style Stool - located at our satellite shop in Rustic Treasures
  • Cottage Nest Paint in Ponchatoula Strawberry - exclusively at Nest Interiors
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