Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Primitive Style and Vintage Fabrics
I realized today as I was adding a few new (old...i.e. vintage) fabrics to our Etsy site that we have a enmassed a nice collection of primitives, vintage, and homespun fabric...some with multiple yards!  The above picture is just a'll have to visit the site to see the full collection that changes daily with all of our other great items.

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From top left to right --
And as a special thank you to blog readers - here's an extra discount; use THANKS10 for 10% off your entire order from our Etsy shop!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Self Care for Fall...

There's a crispness to the air (finally, this far South!) and with all the busyness life has to offer in the Fall...pumpkin patches, football games,'s important to take a pause.

I like to wake up a little early once in a while and treat myself to a hot bath.   This weekend I sampled some great new arrivals from the shop to make my bath even more intentional and special.
Musee bath balms are always such a treat for the explosion of color, amazing fragrances, and an after glow of soft, silky there is usually a real treat inside most bath balms.  This one, Rubber Duckie, is hands down my favorite!
We have fresh and limited editions soaps from Three Sisters Apothecary...special blends include pumpkin, mission fig and dark chocolate (my personal favorite).  Soap is always a nice treat especially if you only have time for a quick shower.
And to set the ambiance, I like a candle burning - it makes it more intent-full, purposeful that this is time to care for myself.  Fairhope candles, made in small batches in Alabama is my go to for aromatherapy.  I'm currently loving their seasonal blend, Pumpkin Crunch.

Lastly, here are some takeaways I've gained the past couple weeks ago when I joined in on the Tranquility du Jour seasonal podcast.  (These are always free to call in and I highly recommend).  Is it real, is it true?  This is what I've been stopping and asking myself when conflict arises or a situation unfolds that I don't quite understand.  Is it real, is it true...what I'm feeling may be real (fear, anger) but is it true?  Am I being confronted with what I'm really interpreting?    This has been such a freeing thought...not only does it honor my feelings but it makes me step back and reassess.  The next takeaway is breathing.  We don't think about this clearly enough...and its free and available to us anytime.

Here's hoping your Fall is already turning into a special time to pause and reflect!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

New this week...
If you read my last post about losing our cat, Sophie, then you can imagine how I burst into tears when this new bolt of Heather Ross Tiger Lily fabric arrived at the shop.  Ordered months ago, even cuter in person...but oh how I miss my kitty.
This was a fun collaboration between myself and local artist, Mary Smith.  We developed an idea for a ceramic oyster shell pendant, slightly abstracted.  They came out beautifully and one sold within hours of its arrival!
A new color!  Our very own paint, that I make (ok, C helps me...a lot!) is doing so well that we are selling out quite frequently.  Between restocking our original colors, I launched French Quarter Rain - a pretty celedon green that just happens to resemble the color of an egg of a certain duck (hint hint).
We've had some incredible weather this week; this sunny spot in the shop really set off the new fleur de lis bud vases that came in earlier in the week.

A couple newsworthy items:
  • check out our shop instagram (a little different from my personal one here) for a new feature.  Every week, I am recalling every location we have shipped's been fun for me to see how far our sweet things travel from our Nest
  • A shout out and thanks to Lemon Verbena Blog for stitching my I'm Down with Downton Abbey Cross Stitch Pattern.  Not only did she do a beautiful job (seriously, check it out!) she gave it away as part of a swap (what, what?!)  I've actually seen a lot of people do this and I can't believe what a nice thing that is to do for someone that is ultimately a stranger!  So thank you for your kindness and wanting to stitch my pattern!
  • Must see...I'm a huge fan of Florence + Machine and you must see this interview & tour of Florence Welch's living's a bit of everything you expect it to be, ethereal and bohemian.  What she says about home is quite special, one that resonates that our homes our living organisms and they become scrapbooks in the end.
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  • Pink Tiger Lily Fabric - Heather Ross available on Etsy 
  • Handmade Ceramic Oyster Shell Necklace - in store only at this time
  • Cottage Nest Chalky Finish Paint - in store only at this time
  • Fleur de Lis Glass Bud Vase in Green, Gold and Blue - Nest Interiors
  • Downton Abbey Cross Stitch Pattern - Etsy 
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Thursday, October 1, 2015


One week ago we lost one sweet soul of a cat, our girl, Sophie.  14-1/2 years ago when she came into my life, she brought so much joy - I felt desperately lost, just out of a horrific relationship, dead end job, etc...etc.  She was my bright spot and to both our contentment, she saw me find stability and love, a passion for work in a business I created, and my two new loves, our twins.

The last few months she was just so sick, part out of disbelief and selfishness, I couldn't let go.  A day or so after she passed, I saw a butterfly from the kitchen window - one I had not seen this season.  I went out for a better look and it immediately flew away.
It came fact it landed on me twice.  It stayed so long, I have a dozen so pictures and a video...all while my three dogs were walking around me.  I'm not so much hippy dippy...but when I tell you this was a sign...this was a sign.  I call it Sophie's butterfly, her coloring, tattered and tired.  I hope it's her saying she's safe and ok. 

We miss her so much.
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Friday, September 25, 2015

New this week...

Some incredible items arrived in our petite craft department.  These gorgeous wooden needle notions for one and the most exquisite fleur de lis ribbon.
Also, recently, our Moda precuts for "Hello Darling" and "Farmhouse" are finally in!  Both are available in jelly rolls and layer cakes -- I don't have to tell you how hot Hello Darling is as we sold a bit on pre-order, but don't overlook how lovely a collection Farmhouse is in this offering.
Hello Darling

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The World is Your Oyster... 
I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it!  The print really fits in nicely with a lot of themes I see myself bringing into the shop - warm, natural, and Southern inspired.  Oysters, themselves, seem to be a popular choice in decor too.
This really was an enjoyable sewing project, though I found myself working in spurts around the twins was manageable in a weekend!  I only have three in stock, so please don't wait until they're sold out or we'll have to say "awe, shucks!"  (sorry...bad oyster pun!)

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Watch Me Distract You With Sparkles
You know when you're not looking for yarn, you find amazing yarn that you just have to have???
really?  more yarn mom???
I fell for this pretty sequin yarn, an Issac Mizrahi yarn, exclusive of Michael's.  The whole collection is just beautiful but I settled on just two skeins...with no idea or plan on how to use it.  I turned to Ravelry and found this fast and enjoyable pattern.
It makes for a wonderfully lightweight lace mesh scarf and only used ONE skein for a 72" scarf! 
Doesn't it look great with my Autumn Druzy Necklace??
I'm selling this one on Etsy (support my yarn addiction, please!) and going off to make another one for keeps!

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