Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mardi Gras Madness

Next Tuesday for everyone else, is well, just Tuesday!  Things are getting busy though, down in Southeast Louisiana as we are reaching the height of carnival season.  In store, Mardi Gras items are going so fast...but I wanted to share quickly my favorites this season!

As we're nearing the close of another festive season, quantities are low for most of these items. Also, check this out: I noticed a lot of orders this year for my Mardi Gras Louisiana State of Mind fabric on Spoonflower, but one in particular really caught my attention!  This Nawlin's based biz makes the cutest baby and toddler clothes and used my fabric in a knit to make leggings!

So cute!  I teared up when I saw how lovely they turned out and how many people were excited to see them!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring Fever: Camellia Stroll + Azalea Garden

Approaching 80 degrees today, it was time for one my annual favorite rites of Spring...the Camellia Stroll over at our local LSU AG Station, though it felt a lot like early summer!  I try to go each year, but between raising twins and rainy weather I missed a few years.  Read about my last visit here.
The garden originates from the 1940's, some specimens tagged only with a ribbon, are unknown varieties and that plant may the only one in existence.  Others are rare few of a kinds, but all are uniquely beautiful.  And in a time when we are so hyper-connected to technology, it was really special to be surrounded by people that were equally in awe of these giant beauties, staring into the trees and not their phones.

And since I had the day to myself I walked over to the adjacent Azalea Garden and it did not disappoint!

Birds and butterflies were plentiful too!  I think it's safe to say Spring is here with an early Summer on her heels!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vintage Vibe: February Finds

February is so brief, a mere 28 days...but nearly daily, I've been acquiring the most amazing vintage goods!  Take a look...
This is the second time I've sold this darling pinwheel Snuggler sleeping bag and this one is in even better condition; I actually think it's never been used!
Just precious, these vintage wire flower hooks are sold as a set.  They definitely are rustic with an original chippy finish in pink and white.
And how timely as we recently celebrated Queen Elizabeth's Sapphire Jubilee; I shrieked with delight upon finding this mint 1977 Silver Jubilee souvenir towel.

I love curating a vintage collection of goods for the shop; not only can I offer something unique but often my customers share a heartfelt memory that an item has sparked.  What do these finds spark in you?

Featured in this post:

  • Vintage Snuggler Pinwheel Print Sleeping Bag - available on Etsy
  • Rustic Floral Wire Hook - Set of 2 - Etsy and in store at Nest Interiors
  • Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Souvenir Towel - find it here

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Creating A Happy Hummingbird Habitat

It's nearly time!  Time for the gorgeous Ruby Throat Hummingbird to make its way back to the Eastern United States for its annual Spring Migration!  I love all birds (uh, hello...the name of my store is Nest!), but I have a serious passion for hummingbirds.  This season I wanted to highlight, not only the amazing feeders and accessories I carry, but create a real resource, giving you the basics of attracting hummingbirds and best practices when maintaining feeders. is my first webinar dedicated to this extraordinary bird!  At the end of the video, I do have a special offer to use in our shop, to help you get ready for this exciting time of year.
Some of this video is specific to attracting hummingbirds in Southeast Louisiana, but if you live anywhere in the US that hummingbirds visit, you will absolutely find value in this video.  Here's some additional info I reference in the video:

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Friday, October 14, 2016


As I write this, I have 5 giant swallowtail caterpillars (or "orange dogs") munching away in a mesh enclosure and two in chrysalises.  As, my spouse remarked, "don't you have enough to do?"  Yes Always, but I noticed because of my efforts in attracting birds,  many caterpillars were being eaten and though it probably won't matter much to the world to release 7 giant swallowtails, it will mean everything to them.

But this post really isn't about butterflies, it is however, about the reminder in this last month they've given me, that transitions are necessary, sometimes they require patience, hard work and in some cases with raising caterpillars...plain luck.  So, in my shop life about the same time many of these "cats" were hatching, one of our vendors of three years announced she was leaving our store.

I was frustrated as this had been a major vendor in our baby department and this is the 3rd one we've lost in our almost 9 years, as most are older ladies sewing from their home, etc. and naturally we lose them when they need to slow down.  It felt like once again I needed to tend to this area of the shop and bring it back as I've done time and again.
This time, as a mom of 20 month old twins, I felt like I had a new point of view and a voice in what mom's like myself want to see for their children.  I quickly gathered up patterns and materials of things I've made for my own children and in two weeks, I've re-imagined our baby department with fresh and fun goods.  Not to mention, I'm so pleased as punch to talk to anyone about my new goods and what's to come that we've had such a positive response in such a short time.

And as always, I still carry innovative baby accessories like the Munch Mitt:
Also coming in a couple weeks:
These hysterical vintage style prize ribbons in greeting cards; this one "I made a tiny human" also available in blue.

Featured in this post:

  • Handmade Flutter Shrug 12-18mo. - available on Etsy and pattern can be found here.
  • Bandana Bib with vintage trim - only one, grab it fast!
  • Louisiana Home Sweet Home Baby Bodysuits - in popular team colors; find them at Nest Interiors
  • Feeding Bib for baby or toddler - available on Etsy; see full store for multiple options
  • Munch Mitt - the perfect teether - available in 4 colors at Nest Interiors
  • Baby Award Ribbons - they're on the way; we'll update this with an order link as soon as they arrive!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Pollination Celebration

We took Nest on the road this weekend to the 1st Annual Pollination Celebration at the LSU AG Research Station in Hammond, LA.
We love all things with wings and as you can imagine, I was in my element!  I brought our line of Parasol Hummingbird Feeders - they were a hit!  And garden flags and our popular Husdon Valley Seed Co organic and heirloom seeds.
And this favorite Cavallini decorative paper.  My family helped man our booth so I was able to take part in some of the activities - like the amazing hummingbird banding demonstration.
The gardens were a sight to behold too, with a buzz not only of many hummingbirds but butterflies and bees too.
It was an amazing adventure, we saw several regular customers and made new friends and of course we learned more about pollinators.  I was delighted to share a lot of my experience attracting and feeding hummingbird and was surprised to hear how some people had not seen one hummingbird all season - we easily see four at one time in our yard as it's prime time for ruby throated hummingbirds.  If you've had a lack-luster season, please review my tips to prepare for next year.

Featured in this post:
  • Cavallini Decorative Wrap - Bees and Honey ... available on Etsy
  • Parasol Hummingbird Feeders & Replacement Parts - available at Nest Interiors
  • Husdson Valley Seed Co. Seeds - see our current stock available online
  • Seasonal flags are starting to arrive in garden and house sizes - take a look in our Garden Dept on our website and see the full line at our shop in Ponchatoula, LA
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Friday, September 9, 2016

A little boo...
It's still hot as ever here in South Louisiana, but we can't help but get excited for all that is Fall...cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and Halloween!  A number of things have arrived mixed in with things I've made and's a sampling!

Featured in this post:
  • Cavallini Decorative Wrap - Trick or Treat ... available on Etsy
  • Mini Pumpkin Pods - always a shop favorite! our Etsy has them in stock 
  • Heidi Kenney Halloween Banner - the LAST one I plan on making; so cute - get it here!
  • Boo Y'all Halloween Towels - my seasonal silk-screened towel here for a limited time
  • Spooky Wall Art; adorable with felt & handmade elements - available at Nest Interiors

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