About Me

What is Cottage Nest?

Cottage Nest is what I consider the umbrella for all my endeavors.  Within the cottage are products and  patterns available online through a variety of sources and within my retail location, Nest Interiors, located in Ponchatoula, LA.

Is this a craft blog?

Yes and no.  My tagline is "crafting a handmade life" and in this space I want explore what goes into "making" a life and ultimately enriching it.  My tool box is vast, just like yours can be; there are blankets to crochet, bags to sew, fabric to silkscreen, tomatoes to plant, dinner to cook, even pages to write.  I pull from what I know and look for inspiration everywhere to create meaning not only in the work I create but the life I live. 

Who are you?

It depends on the day.  Most days I'm a shopkeeper, some days I'm a writer, a therapist, and even a magician.  I hold a bachelors in Interior Design with a focus on textiles and art history and I've worked in the realm of Corporate, Hospitality, and Healthcare but yearned to create only for one client - myself.

Where can I see your work?

Nest Interiors
my brick and mortar - which includes many of my products as well as other local artisans and high end market finds

a mix of my handmade goods, patterns and vintage items

a specific location for my downloadable embroidery and crochet patterns, including my Downton Abbey Cross Stitch Patterns

my fabric collections featuring exclusive designs

How can I connect with you?

I capture a lot of shop life and beyond, including my work and a peek into my personal affinities.

This is the official Facebook page for my shop and posts are geared toward locals and focus heavily on the products available within the shop.

This is a collection of feeds between my instagram and shop facebook account; plus I post separately as well.

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