Friday, August 31, 2018

Pausing the Productivity
Goodness, it's been a busy summer.  I feel I have sufficiently labored and will be taking a mini staycation.  I plan to still make a few things, but I'm trying to stick to things that I make for myself (I'm always last on the list).  In the last couple weeks, I've created many new items for the store and online.
A new tote I promised last post is complete and will be a one of kind combination.  Mainly because the vintage fabric, I loved, was just too difficult to sew!
Also, so much crochet!  Lots of hats and a scarf.  Currently, I'm working on boy sweater vests, perfect for Louisiana winters (basically non-existent).  Here's one of my upgraded hats with flower and button...get cold quick, right?
In addition to my handiwork, I've been doing a fair amount of furniture refinishing utilizing my own line of chalk style paint, Cottage Nest Paints and experimenting with papers.  I'm most proud of this little flip top antique table I re-did:
Here's the before:
And lastly, just a small restock on a popular guest towel I silkscreen; my "Don't Make Me Go All Cajun on You" towel is a shop favorite.
As you can you probably guess, I've been more machine than mom lately, so I'll be pausing for the Labor Day Holiday and reopening (and shipping) mid to late next week!  But that doesn't have to stop you from shopping.  Check out what's available in my Etsy Shop as all purchases $35+ are 20% off through next week!

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