Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Baby Steps...

This weekend turned into a major Sew-in.  And though, nothing got cleaned, we ate Chinese take-out, instead of grocery shopping...I think I accomplished a lot!
Bibs in two styles, a feeding style and handkerchief, plus some really lovely burp cloths.  I had one of my "good" regular customers tell me last week that she was disappointed in my lack of baby goods.  (Need more honesty in your life?  Open a retail store!!!)  And though I think it just need a re-fluff, it had been a while since I circled back to sewing up some sweet baby goods.
Also it makes me a little sad, that my 3 year olds are too old for these precious items.  I had big hopes to make many of their bibs and burps, but goodness, when your in it, with twins no less, there just isn't time.  So, I'm hoping a new, and busy, mama will love these.
I have a new weekender slouch bag in the works too (fingers cross that it will come together this weekend).  The large floral is a new Ikea fabric I purchased earlier in the summer.  The small floral is vintage; cut from a skirt...and it's so lovely.  It should only make one a very limited edition for this fabric combination. 

Keep watch and also, check out my Etsy page as I plan to list a few of the new bibs and burps.

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