Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Easter from Our Nest

It's hard to believe Easter is upon us!  We celebrated last weekend at the "Old Fashioned Easter Celebration" by the LSU Rural Life Museum.  The kids participated in their very 1st egg hunt, tried egg paquing, and were terrified of the Easter Bunny again and now a pygmy goat. 

We all had an amazing and exhausting time; so this Sunday for Easter, we are going to have a very quiet celebration.  One in which I can tackle some projects in the garden.  Exciting things are afoot...we are really becoming something of a butterfly farmette.  About a month ago, I played with the idea of selling some of my excess seeds as a way to finance and support our conservation efforts.  I started with a small offering of my Swan Plant.  It's a fun type of milkweed, which grows very tall, can support a lot of Monarch caterpillars and produces unusual seed pods. 

My goal was to make enough to buy monarch tags this first year trying this!  Within a week, I had sold out!  Plenty to support the purchase of our tags.  I hope to get more seeds saved for next year.  And to include more variety for attracting all kinds of butterflies.  A great way to see what I'm doing is to join my group that details our Monarch Waystation (plus tons of great info).  You can always check my Etsy shop too and see if any small offerings of seeds have been listed again.

Happy Easter!

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