Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Easter from Our Nest

It's hard to believe Easter is upon us!  We celebrated last weekend at the "Old Fashioned Easter Celebration" by the LSU Rural Life Museum.  The kids participated in their very 1st egg hunt, tried egg paquing, and were terrified of the Easter Bunny again and now a pygmy goat. 

We all had an amazing and exhausting time; so this Sunday for Easter, we are going to have a very quiet celebration.  One in which I can tackle some projects in the garden.  Exciting things are afoot...we are really becoming something of a butterfly farmette.  About a month ago, I played with the idea of selling some of my excess seeds as a way to finance and support our conservation efforts.  I started with a small offering of my Swan Plant.  It's a fun type of milkweed, which grows very tall, can support a lot of Monarch caterpillars and produces unusual seed pods. 

My goal was to make enough to buy monarch tags this first year trying this!  Within a week, I had sold out!  Plenty to support the purchase of our tags.  I hope to get more seeds saved for next year.  And to include more variety for attracting all kinds of butterflies.  A great way to see what I'm doing is to join my group that details our Monarch Waystation (plus tons of great info).  You can always check my Etsy shop too and see if any small offerings of seeds have been listed again.

Happy Easter!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It's in the Bag...

I really meant to share these gorgeous new totes earlier as these two prototypes sold out pretty quick at my retail location, Nest Interiors.  This idea has been a longtime coming.  I bought a similar tote a couple years ago and use it like crazy for daytrips.  I wanted to recreate it but with my own spin.  I ended up finding a pattern in a book we sold here at the store.  Funny how that happens, it sat on the shelf forever; I picked it up and knew that was the bag.  From there, it still seemed forever to have the pattern enlarged at a copy store.  The fabric, too is from last year's trip to the Houston Ikea.  Once all these parts and pieces came together, I realized I hated how the pattern came together.  Technically, I thought it would fall apart with heavy use.  So, I modified it and voila!  A finished product two...long...years in the making!!!

Not to fear, more are being assembled and in different fabrics.  Next up is a gorgeous maybe vintage Ralph Lauren rose print paired with a ticking this tote a totally new feel.  I'll have this up on our Etsy next week if I can squeeze in some quality time with the sewing machine.  But I have recreated my crochet farmers market tote in a delectable spring time blend.

Available now, but limited!  Check it out and keep watch for new totes on my Etsy shop.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Best Okayest Store Ever

Tomorrow I celebrate a milestone: 10 years operating my brick and mortar shop, Nest Interiors.  The words of my grade school best friend's mom have been resonating in my head, when I myself, turned 10, "Ohhhh double-digits!"  And in the last couple months, I've thought about my past and future.  I think I said before I don't want anymore of the competitive nonsense that I have to be THE store.  I've just been trusting my gut and not taking it too personally if we just don't meet the mark for a handful of browsers.

It is really hard to not take things personally tho, especially when you wish customers understood its a miracle I'm here and this store exists.  It's all here on the blog; there are, of course, the usual economic struggles, but the highlights...a hurricane extensively damaging our store the 1st year, a cancer diagnosis in 2010, and a high risk twin pregnancy in 2015.  All this and I'm a terrible introvert.  As I've said, this is a miracle.  And honestly, if you ask, every brick and mortar has not only a dream but a story to tell you.
I am humbled by so many customers, now friends, that have reached out to me in the last couple weeks as we announced our big celebration and sale tomorrow.  Every part of this business has been a reflection of me and it has made me who I am thank you to all who have ever walk thru our doors or clicked our links. 
So Tomorrow is the Day!  We honor our 10 years, opening at 10am until 4pm.

  • Every purchase will choose an egg revealing a surprise discount between 10-30% off
  • Cake and refreshments are at 1pm 
  • Special guest vendors will be joining us
  • Online friends, use LUCKYNEST for 15% off your purchase through 3/18/18 at Nest Interiors Online
  • Etsy friends receive free shipping on orders of $45 and above.

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