Friday, February 2, 2018

The Little Things...

In my post before, I touched on my renewed interest in redeveloping my hobbies.  Actually its been more of a life saver in a busy life that I'm constantly treading water.  Most nights I get and hour or two to myself and crochet has been my go to.
This pinafore dress is so sweet; I made one for my daughter's first Christmas and it was absolutely adorable.  This one, I call it "strawberries and cream" is for a newborn to about 3 months.  With most crochet work I do, it's finished off in the back with a couple vintage buttons from my grandmother's stash.
These chunky basketweave hats were the best this winter!  I called this style my "CC's Beanies" killer...because every store in a 25 mile circumference has those made in China knit one size fits all hats.  So...for the person that wants a unique look this was a crowd pleaser.  They never made it to the Etsy shop but a handful are still available in our brick and mortar.
Also, sold out but I will attempt to make another...this gorgeous net style French Market tote.  I worked it up in a beautiful linen blend yarn and it was one of those sales that I almost snatched it back from the customer.  Yes, I'll make more but at least one for myself this time!
I was pretty excited when I moved on to baskets...I did make the first one for myself (a pink hold more yarn!) and then I went even bigger with this over-sized chunky black yarn.  It has a really amazing high end look, even though it would be perfect for mundane things like toilet paper or towels.  I find it a little floppy, so it does need to be put to work holding something for you...but still available in store and online.

What are your favorite projects when you can steal away a couple hours?  Comment below...

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