Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Daytripping: New Iberia, LA

A couple years ago, I stayed overnight at Rip Van Winkle Gardens.  Which in itself is pretty cool, it was July and hotter than hell, but we had free range of the gardens all night.  I remember thinking how beautiful the camellias must be in winter...
They were!  We went this past weekend and timed it perfectly!
And cue the Japanese magnolias...rain is slated this week, so we witnessed its peak!
Also, among the blossoms, I found a rare buff bellied hummingbird and a few butterflies like this hairstreak.
They also have a large population of free range peacocks; which clearly makes every photograph that much more enchanting.
And of course, these two enjoyed that first taste of Spring.  And a big first...we toured it without a stroller or wagon...who are these big kids now??!!!

And here's a quick weekly shop update:

  • Hudson Valley Seeds are back with a really fun update; I'm currently testing my favorites but you can pick your own on our main site.
  • The vintage items I gave you a peek last week, are now on Etsy; vintage quilt and repurposed washboard are ready to ship; plus spend $55+ and save 20% on your entire order thru February.
  • Next week (fingers crossed) I should be putting the finishing touches on a new line of totes.  The first two examples are nearly done as I try bit by bit during nap time!

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