Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Daytripping: New Iberia, LA

A couple years ago, I stayed overnight at Rip Van Winkle Gardens.  Which in itself is pretty cool, it was July and hotter than hell, but we had free range of the gardens all night.  I remember thinking how beautiful the camellias must be in winter...
They were!  We went this past weekend and timed it perfectly!
And cue the Japanese magnolias...rain is slated this week, so we witnessed its peak!
Also, among the blossoms, I found a rare buff bellied hummingbird and a few butterflies like this hairstreak.
They also have a large population of free range peacocks; which clearly makes every photograph that much more enchanting.
And of course, these two enjoyed that first taste of Spring.  And a big first...we toured it without a stroller or wagon...who are these big kids now??!!!

And here's a quick weekly shop update:

  • Hudson Valley Seeds are back with a really fun update; I'm currently testing my favorites but you can pick your own on our main site.
  • The vintage items I gave you a peek last week, are now on Etsy; vintage quilt and repurposed washboard are ready to ship; plus spend $55+ and save 20% on your entire order thru February.
  • Next week (fingers crossed) I should be putting the finishing touches on a new line of totes.  The first two examples are nearly done as I try bit by bit during nap time!

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Friday, February 16, 2018

To the Finish Line...

This week had me racing...two holidays, Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day back to back and the week began wintery gray and ended with the sun blazing, a balmy 75 degrees.  Typical Louisiana.
This week I also began updating my Etsy with some vintage items from my private collection.  I hate to part with any of it...but I have 3 year old twins now.  If I don't, no one will get to enjoy any of they are now climbing the walls.  (send help!)

Sold in hours of listing, is this beautiful ceramic bird twine and scissor holder.  I had dreams of a proper craft area with this beauty.  I hope it enjoys its new home and owner.  The turnover on Etsy has been this way for weeks.  I post and usually that night or the next day it sells.  So, here's a peek at some of next week's listings...
A very primitive quilt...I have loved it for so long; now it needs a new chapter in its story.
This vintage washboard was a real find a few years ago.  The metal is actually magnetized for small magnets to be used and small cup hooks were added.  A lovely catch all near a door.  

Keep watch for some time mid week for these listings to go live.  Also, as an incentive, I'm offering 20% off purchases $55+ on Etsy.  You can also enjoy the new flat rate shipping of $5.95 on my brick and mortar's site: Nest Interiors.  So many cute things were just listed there this week too.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Week that Was...

This week felt like an endurance race.  A private event, a huge shipment to the store via 18 wheeler, a new product introduction and of course, it's Louisiana, we had torrential rains almost daily!
Monday I led a private talk about butterflies and our monarch waystation to a local brownie troop.  It was intense...7 and 8 year olds ask a lot of questions...all at once!  It was an honor, really, to be asked, and so nice that their troop leader pulled our little garden out of obscurity in our town!
Then Tuesday, an unscheduled 18 wheeler dropped off a palate full of boxes taller than me.  For the record I'm not very tall but when you are the only one unboxing them it's pretty much Mt. Everest.
Some new items arrived in floral supply like these gorgeous cotton and greenery picks.  I was able to get these on Etsy; the other home decor items will have to wait until next week to be launched on our store's main website.
And silk-screened last week, last year's Honey Bee design on a new vintage style towel with a honey yellow bordered stripe.  This was the first day we had sun long enough to photograph it!  It's a great update and now on Etsy too.

I'm off for the next four days!  I've got a birthday in there - woohoo.  No big plans but relaxing, starting seeds for Spring and Netflix.  Stay tuned, more new updates coming to both the Etsy and Nest Interiors website!

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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Little Things...

In my post before, I touched on my renewed interest in redeveloping my hobbies.  Actually its been more of a life saver in a busy life that I'm constantly treading water.  Most nights I get and hour or two to myself and crochet has been my go to.
This pinafore dress is so sweet; I made one for my daughter's first Christmas and it was absolutely adorable.  This one, I call it "strawberries and cream" is for a newborn to about 3 months.  With most crochet work I do, it's finished off in the back with a couple vintage buttons from my grandmother's stash.
These chunky basketweave hats were the best this winter!  I called this style my "CC's Beanies" killer...because every store in a 25 mile circumference has those made in China knit one size fits all hats.  So...for the person that wants a unique look this was a crowd pleaser.  They never made it to the Etsy shop but a handful are still available in our brick and mortar.
Also, sold out but I will attempt to make another...this gorgeous net style French Market tote.  I worked it up in a beautiful linen blend yarn and it was one of those sales that I almost snatched it back from the customer.  Yes, I'll make more but at least one for myself this time!
I was pretty excited when I moved on to baskets...I did make the first one for myself (a pink hold more yarn!) and then I went even bigger with this over-sized chunky black yarn.  It has a really amazing high end look, even though it would be perfect for mundane things like toilet paper or towels.  I find it a little floppy, so it does need to be put to work holding something for you...but still available in store and online.

What are your favorite projects when you can steal away a couple hours?  Comment below...

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