Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Walkthru Wednesday: Mother's Day Challenge!

We're down to the wire...Mother's Day is Sunday!  Earlier this week, I started to hear the usual "she has everything!"or "she's so hard to buy for!"  I expect it, and I really do take it to heart to find unusual and meaningful gifts to help take the pressure off of you.  Here's a quick trip I filmed earlier today with a few of my favorite go to choices:
I also want to add, particularly when giving to someone you may feel never likes what you give them (that's tough!); take the expectation out of gift giving.  I know we all want to wow the other person, but when we give, it is one of our greatest acts to let go for the betterment of another.

An additional tip I recommended in selecting a gift, especially for someone you may not know that well (say a future mother in law), give something that says something about yourself.  A candle that reminds you of a pie your grandmother made for you as a child, a vase with flowers because you remember your father giving something similar to your mother, or even your favorite novel.  A gift with a story grows wings, becomes less of just another thing but rather an experience, memory you now both share.

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