Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunday Funday: Crosby Arboretum

Hooray for Spring!  To celebrate, we drove east for about an hour to tour Crosby Arboretum in Picayune, MS.  I had been years ago, right in the beginning with my mom and now I was taking my own children to explore...
It was such a delightful experience; one of those rare times that something actually exceeds all your expectations.  The highlight for me was walking into their "bog area" - it sounded rather unattractive by name, but it could not have been more magical...an open area, with a field of tiny almost Chinese lantern style blooms, and bright yellow and red pitcher plants poking up through the grass.  Small pearl crescent butterflies zipped past, drawing my attention to a dive, then another, of a pretty bluebird pair...all of which were none too bothered by two loud toddlers...thankfully!

Find out more about Crosby Arboretum and the work they are doing in the field of native planting here.
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