Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring Fever: Camellia Stroll + Azalea Garden

Approaching 80 degrees today, it was time for one my annual favorite rites of Spring...the Camellia Stroll over at our local LSU AG Station, though it felt a lot like early summer!  I try to go each year, but between raising twins and rainy weather I missed a few years.  Read about my last visit here.
The garden originates from the 1940's, some specimens tagged only with a ribbon, are unknown varieties and that plant may the only one in existence.  Others are rare few of a kinds, but all are uniquely beautiful.  And in a time when we are so hyper-connected to technology, it was really special to be surrounded by people that were equally in awe of these giant beauties, staring into the trees and not their phones.

And since I had the day to myself I walked over to the adjacent Azalea Garden and it did not disappoint!

Birds and butterflies were plentiful too!  I think it's safe to say Spring is here with an early Summer on her heels!

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