Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Today, This Week, This Month...

So far this summer has been far from restful, but more about that in a bit.  I wanted to share some pics from the amazing 1st Family Equality Day Longue Vue House and Gardens put on about a week and a half ago.
If you've never heard of this gem, its an historic home bordering New Orleans & Metaire with a petite garden (but incredibly enchanting and engaging)

starting them young in the Children's Garden
It was such an incredible treat for us and our children!  Thankful for a day to explore and a brief respite from so many responsibilities: the kids, the shop, the online business, senior pets, catch my drift, this summer has been a bit maddening. 

Nearly the same time, I took a brief webinar from Kimberly Wilson; her seasonal webinars are always a must listen for me.  Last week's, in time for the Summer Equinox (tho its hotter than Hades down here already) was packed with ideas on how to shine this summer (I just want to survive at this point.)
Demi compromising as we watch together
A few points did resonate with me.  With so much on my plate, she offered up a question to pose to yourself: "What can you do today, this week, and this month."  Gosh, I've literally said that to myself each morning I've crawled out of bed since I heard it.  It's been a relief to chip away at to do's, problems I've ignored, even dreams that seem just out of reach.  I highly recommend it!  Also, delving in further I realized I have a huge problem with giving myself permission to do, well, just about anything!  I go from home to work to home and feel guilty should I stray with that inner voice; "you need to get home and do xyz" or "you can't stop at this shop with bills to pay at home" - so dutifully, I never really explore, open myself up to new experiences.  So, I'll be working hard to change that these next few months.  And one step, a huge one, I took today and will divulge all soon.

I'll be back soon with a look at this month's best vintage offerings (a lot has come in this month...take a peek on Etsy)

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