Thursday, June 9, 2016

To Market, to Market...
Last week we found ourselves traveling to good ol' Jackson, Mississippi for Mississippi Market; it's a petite show but packed with specialties perfect for a Southern store like ours.  We came away with some new lines and reordered shop favorites.  A few are already here!
After market, we squeezed in a few hours to go thrifting to continue building our vintage offering, plus we just love junking, if we're being honest.
I'm still going through a lot of found items, sorting what's what, but so far the highlight has been this vintage platter
It's a Marc Bellaire mid-century California ceramic; one slight chip but towards the back.  I think it is lovely!  It's now on Etsy as well as a small smattering of vintage much more to come!
So updates are underway at both locations, above is latest additions at our Rustic Treasures booth, and I'm slowly adding to our flagship store in Ponchatoula, LA and our online venues.
This one, a girl scout samoa cookie pillow (gah!) is listed currently on eBay auction style.  It was a 2015 promotional item; I gather not a lot are available, i.e. hard to find -- which makes sense as you needed to sell upwards of 250 boxes of cookies to qualify to receive the pillow.  Which makes bidding for one on eBay sound a lot easier, right?
And a little update on my participation in the Scheepjes Crochet Along for 2016 (though I'm busting through my own stash).  So far, I'm on schedule to finish with everyone in early July.  This, honestly, is the best way to crochet a blanket.  Bit by bit, I get it done most nights; I'm currently in week 8!  The pattern will be available indefinitely, so give it a try!
Until next week, when I update everyone on some new handmade items coming from my studio!

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