Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fearless Bunnies 2016 Edition

This weekend past we caught the new show, Hunt Slonem - Antebellum Pop at the LSU Museum of Art.  I thought the kids would particularly enjoy the animals and bright color, which they absolutely did, but it reminded me, and inspired me, of my 2013 post about fearless bunnies.
For me, this exhibit didn't feel as "pop" as it did "expressionism" - think Matisse or Gauguin.  I love Hunt Slonem's confident brush strokes, strong use of colors, ease of rendering a canvas be it bunnies, birds, or Abraham Lincoln.  I wondered if this is what it looks like when each of us stop being afraid.
So, this week I'm embarking on a revised marketing strategy.  I was fortunate to catch a CrystalMedia presentation late last week and I gleamed these gems:
  • evaluate the platforms you use quarterly; in turned I signed up for snapchat (I'll post more when I figure it out, ugh.)
  • ask your customers to join your e-mail list; they want to hear from you!  I actually tried this and so far only ONE person said no.
  • give'em a lead magnet to join...or give to get; a free e-book, a coupon, a pattern.
  • make sure your content relates to "the perfect customer" - always.  
  • things that hold retailers back: lack of time (me), how to measure results (me me), confidence (me me ME)
I've taken each of these to heart as I really want to connect with our customers (and future customers) with what we're making, what we're selling and what we've built in this tiny town for several years.  I set an intention to make one video a week.  The results have been ok; no vids of me yet as I'm chicken, but here's my latest created to showcase some easy Mothers Day gifts.

The items features in this video are a combination of items available from our brick and mortar, Nest Interiors and our Etsy.

Check'em out and share your favorite retail marketing tips either from the point of view as shop keep or customer; I would love to hear it!

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