Friday, April 22, 2016

rule breaking...

This Saturday we did a huge retail no-no; we closed!  I know, I know, stores, especially independent ones should be open always.  We had the opportunity to take our kids to the Baton Rouge Zoo, free with lots of extras -- and we couldn't pass it up.  A lot of retailers want to say "family first" but its always a struggle between that and being professional.  I do want to just add, we asked a lot of people if they wanted to work months in advance, with pay and incentives of additional gifts and no one wanted to give up a Saturday (and I guess neither did we!) - it seems weird to me as I would of jumped at the chance as a young girl to have this job.
I did get to see this awesome bird at the zoo (twice actually as it's in two areas).  Its a white crested laughing thrush from Indonesia and the only "songbird" type bird I found in the collection.  There's a pair in the back of the zoo nesting and that was really remarkable to watch.
The very next day, at home, I open my window to see a treat of a rose breasted grosbeak.  Just as remarkable a bird, and nearly the same size as the thrush - right in my yard.  It's amazing what we see when we learn to really look.
That being said, I wanted to stay home all week, play in the yard, look at birds, and sing to my kids.  I dutifully carried on and brought a nice update of cotton to our booth at Rustic Treasures.
Both stores got a refresh of Swan Creek Candles that arrived Tuesday.  My favorite is this Vanilla Pound Cake in a bright teal bowl -  I seriously could sit with a spoon and eat it, it smells that delicious!
Wednesday, I updated our Etsy with some items that have been in the physical shops and for reasons beyond me not found homes.  Like this beautiful quilted pillow set with matching log cabin block tops.  They're just lovely and would be so sweet on a porch or guest room with twin beds.
And yesterday, I spent a good portion checking in a lot of jewelry items and updating the main website.  This Queen Bee necklace is already getting a lot of attention!

So, I'm nearly caught up from our day at play; I realize also that it's Admin Professionals next week, Mother's Day and Teacher's Appreciation is near too and I may never truly catch up...ever.  So, I might as well as some fun along the way!

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