Friday, April 29, 2016

its in the details...

It's been a week of misconnections, miscommunications and so much so, I felt this week I should lament the two etsy convos that were questions about details clearly stated in the listing or the man that walked in Wednesday, that just about ran out when he saw a store stacked with girly gifts...not sure what he suspected we were from the outside, but I assumed he wasn't paying attention and drifted in my door.  Clearly, though, I am not above reproach with probably the worst offense...this morning we got word that a good friend of the family is dying from cancer and not expected to last another week.  Though she was secretive (apparently sick for a couple years), we just shrugged off the signs and went about our business.
I had a rare day of help yesterday and I was glad to work from home (before this bombshell).  I like to walk outside for a bit when the kids are napping.  The ground is so soft compared to the hard floor of the shop.
I also found a very large bird's nest; it's a Mississippi Kite - can you see it?  They've come back for the last three years and nested.  Or at least the three years I've paid attention.
Of course you can't be everywhere at once right?  And I'm lucky, though it's a small group - I have a group that looks out for me.  The above is from the team at Rustic Treasures, where we opened our second location this month.  I check in each week and they always make sure our items look fresh and shelves stocked.
Doing my part at home, I silk-screened a small run of one of my most popular towels -- our Cajun Crawfish towel and made sure its in both shops and online.  We already sold one on Etsy this week with a rave review; love that!
Also, another pet project.  I'm cleaning up and revitalizing a shelf that will become part of our new jewelry and accessories area.  I'll share the results once complete, but currently, it lives my head mainly.  I used our very own chalk paint, hard to tell, but its one of most favorite colors, French Quarter Rain, that popular eggshell blue green everyone loves.
And with Mother's Day approaching; I started thinking about our seed collection from Hudson Valley Seed Library.  This year, when the shipment arrived, my mother and I pilfered the box, picking several packages to try.  It's been fun comparing notes.  She told me today, the bumble bee tomato we sell (one pack left) is indeterminate...meaning it will grow and grow and grow.  She expects a big harvest.  Her tomatoes are further along than mine, but she is a Master Gardener.  In fact I consult with her on all seed order for the shop, just to make sure its right for our area and that even a novice gardener (like myself) will enjoy the experience.

This weekend, as you begin to slow down - try to take stock, and see what's right in front of you; but take heart too, that there is no way to notice everything and that's why we have one another to help us catch the good stuff.

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