Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bull in a China Shop...

This past weekend was Strawberry Festival for our small town.  I made no fanfare about it as in past years on the blog as it's almost a hardship to go through each year.  An estimated 300,000 people attend in a town of just over 6,000.  It's a lot of people (though it feels lighter each year) and they really only want alcohol - all day long.  With that in mind, we don't expect a lot of sales and we move into "crowd control" mode -- this year, despite me being right in the entrance, a man staggered in either drunk, overheated or both and took down a cabinet full of glass.  With no means to pay for it, he left quickly.  So this year was a complete loss. 
Earlier in the week, as I was dreading this event, I was listening to an interview with a musician about what gratitude she felt having the career she has, entertaining people even, as she added, they are texting.  And I too, though I'm no rock star, know I'm lucky to have had this amazing opportunity owning and operating this shop.
Plus, it was an amazing feeling having my kids at the shop over the weekend and taking in the parade Saturday morning.  Just a year ago, they both were in the NICU.
So, I'm calling it "Gratitude with a Bad Attitude" - I want to honor the hard work and loss of money, time, etc. this festival brings on me each and every year, but I remain ever grateful I have a place in this town (and it's not Strawberry Festival every weekend!).
Festival attendees we asked were mixed with reviews; if you like food, drink and a carnival atmosphere, it was your cup of tea; however, if you wanted to see the real Ponchatoula, shop our stores comfortably and eat at our restaurants - it was hard and in some cases impossible.  Hopefully, it will bring back both kinds of festival goers to see what our town is really about on a normal day.

Nesting Notes:
  • I'm taking part in Scheepjes Crochet Along 2016, beginning April 20th - a beautiful afghan and just what I needed to bust my stash.  Kits are available, but the pattern is free and I just couldn't justify more yarn when I can't close my closet with out being hit with a ball of yarn!
  • I loved this article - are we all suffering from neurasthenia?  It's a 19th century term from what we equate with burnout -- they took it seriously then and even prescribed bed rest!  Worth considering in our busy days!
  • It was a busy weekend beyond the festival as three groups of birds fledged from my home - red bellied woodpeckers, carolina wrens, and carolina chickadees.  I was able to see the chickadees leave the nest one by one and have pictures on my tumblr page for my birding.
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