Tuesday, March 1, 2016


It was a huge weekend for us!  Thank you to all who came to our 8th anniversary sale on Saturday.  This day and age it is super rare to say you are a gift shop that's been in business this long.
The very next day was also cause for celebration as we invited a small circle of family for our twins 1st birthday.  Ok, we're a little late celebrating (by a month) but we could not of asked for a prettier Spring-like day!
We cooked all night and then early in the morning for a birthday brunch.  I made the cake - a hummingbird cake (no hummingbirds were harmed in the making of this cake!)
It's wonderful and the perfect breakfast-y kind of cake with banana, pineapple and pecans.  I can bake a cake but decorating...not so much; I went foraging and luckily found wild violets, jasmine, and fresh oregano all available in the yard and woods.
This recipe calls for nuts - so we made two mini cakes sans nuts and sans alcohol in the frosting. 

They weren't too sure about it, especially with a crowd egging them on to eat.  Eventually, they got into it and particularly loved the strawberry and icing.

Definitely, try the cake out if you are looking for a unique sweet for a special occasion.  Also, a special thanks to our vendor, Lisa Elstrott and owner of the now closed but once popular Lisa's Children Boutique in Ponchatoula, LA - she made the adorable bibs pictured for the twins to celebrate their first birthday!  Her handmade items are so well done and I'm pleased to have her exclusively at our shop.

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