Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spring into Action...

I think the older I get, I notice just how much work goes into Spring.  Awhile ago, I would wake up, flowers would be blooming and birds chirping as if Spring sprung itself into life!  Now I see the subtleties of a quietly changing world all around me.  My chickadees, wrens, and bluebirds are actively taking stock of each of the birdhouses we've cleaned and replaced.
A pair of crows have been scavenging sticks all through the yard, diligently working on a nest while a red bellied woodpecker has spent days drilling out a hole in an old dead gum hoping this will be the one his mate picks...he may have to try several times before she is satisfied that his work will do for her nest.  All this I've noticed as I've been planting seeds and cleaning the makes you realize Spring is a lot of work!
And waiting for me are a truck-load of boxes for Spring here at the store and online.  This was all considered and ordered in October, if you can believe.  But as my years are showing me, preparation does make for the best and when Spring does pop her pretty head from her slumbers we will be all the more ready to enjoy her beauty!
Some sneak peeks for Spring are already available here in the store and online.  I adore these sweet rabbit embroidery scissors.
And I'm so delighted to announce we are now an official vendor of Parasol Hummingbird Feeders.  Really the most extraordinary feeders for such an extraordinary bird!  They just arrived and I can't believe people already started asking about them before I could un-box them!
I am pulling together an awesome Spring flag collection; I particularly love this strawberry one and can guarantee I'll snag one for my own yard.

Nesting Notes:
  • If you like moi, need to recommit to your fitness (ahem -- Spring/Summer ready, right?).  I just found Yoga with Adriene on YouTube - how did I not know about this?!  I can't recommend this enough - Adriene is fun, approaches her lessons with joy - which are gentle but effective it (definitely feelin' it!)  I love that she exclaims that your practice is just that, practice...time for you to just let go and let your body explore!  Her videos, tons of them, I tell you, are all free and with varying lengths.  Give it a try today.
  • I wanted to give a brief shout out today to the Great Backyard Bird Count.  It begins tomorrow through the 15th and is sponsored by Cornell and Audubon.  It's totally free, once again, all they ask is you play citizen scientist for at least 15 minutes on one day of the count.  This year is more important than most due to El's sent birds all willy nilly (including species for Europe).  So be apart of scientific history and enjoy the outdoors as a side bonus!
Featured in this post:
  • Gilded Rabbit Embroidery Scissors - a small offering for Spring is up on Etsy
  • Parasol Mini Blossom Hummingbird Feeder - available at Nest Interiors; explore our site for more styles!
  • Strawberry & Daisies Flag - just a sampling of the many Spring flags I'm adding to Nest Interiors
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