Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nine Lives...

The weekend proved to be near fatal for our sweet grey tabby, Demi as she began Saturday quite suddenly lethargic, with no appetite or ability to drink water.  Off to the vet we went to be shocked with a diagnosis of diabetes.  Quite a surprise as she did not seem to have any noticeable symptoms, the vet felt like we just caught it and expects her to recover well as soon as we get her through this retched period.  We were able to take her home the next day but she took a turn, largely my fault by underestimating how much she needed to eat prior to her insulin shot.  FYI, if you ever suspect your cat (or anyone) is going in diabetic shock -- corn syrup on the gums.  It probably saved her life.  So now we wait until tomorrow to try once again to take her home and figure out a new routine of healing and wellness for sweet Demi.
baby Demi
I've had Demi since almost day one.  She and her siblings were abandoned by their mother for some unfathomable reason, and I found them crying a squirming under my bedroom window the next morning covered in maggots.  We bottle fed them for 2-3 weeks; the siblings did not make it but Demi did (not without a horrible case of ringworm).  And for a little over 10 years she's lived problem free as a happy indoor cat.
I've gotten a little push back from friends and family as to why would I even try to extend her life.  It seems unfathomable anyone would respond this way, just say "sorry" if nothing else.  But, diabetes, just like in humans, is very manageable and this cat knows no one else than us -- so why would we let her slip though our hands when she has to have at least 2-3 more lives left?
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