Thursday, January 28, 2016

Between Holidays...

In South Louisiana, we're lucky (for many reasons) but if for none other...Mardi Gras.  Or in retail, for me, its the bridge between Christmas and Easter and a lot of fun to plan displays, research products and even design a few of my own.
This year Mardi Gras is early, February 9th.  It's a quicker season than we like but we try to remember to carry the spirit with us throughout the year.
I was fortunate to sell out of this towel before Christmas and get blanks back in time to screenprint another run to hopefully last us through Mardi Gras.  This is my "Live Everyday Like Fat Tuesday" linen towel.  This year I revised my popular towel to be a "double print" in that I screen it twice to reflect two colors.  It's harder (I admit, I've never tried it before) and I was quite nervous I'd never get the prints to line up but it all came together...luckily!
I also sell this design through Cafepress, which is available on most anything they print...including dog tees!  Yes!  And new this year...
is my Mardi Gras Hair Don't Care design, again at Cafepress.  Most often they offer coupons when you click on the site and currently they are offering 20% OFF with code XOXO20 at checkout!
I also have a Mardi Gras based design in my newest Spoonflower collection, Louisiana State of Mind. 

I'm still developing a few ideas for the next season; Mardi Gras is such a niche market but its one that the people who have been touched by Louisiana and New Orleans never forget.  I love getting warm messages from all over the United States from a former Louisianian that treasures something I source or have made.  Home sweet home, y'all!

Featured in this post:
  • Fleur de Lis Mardi Gras Ornament with fine glitter - at Nest Interiors
  • Live Everyday Like Fat Tuesday towel - at Etsy or Nest Interiors 
  • Mardi Gras theme T-shirts (plus more) - at Cafepress
  • Louisiana State of Mind Fabric in Mardi Gras colorway - at Spoonflower 

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