Thursday, October 1, 2015


One week ago we lost one sweet soul of a cat, our girl, Sophie.  14-1/2 years ago when she came into my life, she brought so much joy - I felt desperately lost, just out of a horrific relationship, dead end job, etc...etc.  She was my bright spot and to both our contentment, she saw me find stability and love, a passion for work in a business I created, and my two new loves, our twins.

The last few months she was just so sick, part out of disbelief and selfishness, I couldn't let go.  A day or so after she passed, I saw a butterfly from the kitchen window - one I had not seen this season.  I went out for a better look and it immediately flew away.
It came fact it landed on me twice.  It stayed so long, I have a dozen so pictures and a video...all while my three dogs were walking around me.  I'm not so much hippy dippy...but when I tell you this was a sign...this was a sign.  I call it Sophie's butterfly, her coloring, tattered and tired.  I hope it's her saying she's safe and ok. 

We miss her so much.
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