Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Self Care for Fall...

There's a crispness to the air (finally, this far South!) and with all the busyness life has to offer in the Fall...pumpkin patches, football games, etc...it's important to take a pause.

I like to wake up a little early once in a while and treat myself to a hot bath.   This weekend I sampled some great new arrivals from the shop to make my bath even more intentional and special.
Musee bath balms are always such a treat for the senses...an explosion of color, amazing fragrances, and an after glow of soft, silky skin...plus there is usually a real treat inside most bath balms.  This one, Rubber Duckie, is hands down my favorite!  
We have fresh and limited editions soaps from Three Sisters Apothecary...special blends include pumpkin, mission fig and dark chocolate (my personal favorite).  Soap is always a nice treat especially if you only have time for a quick shower.
And to set the ambiance, I like a candle burning - it makes it more intent-full, purposeful that this is time to care for myself.  Fairhope candles, made in small batches in Alabama is my go to for aromatherapy.  I'm currently loving their seasonal blend, Pumpkin Crunch.

Lastly, here are some takeaways I've gained the past couple weeks ago when I joined in on the Tranquility du Jour seasonal podcast.  (These are always free to call in and I highly recommend).  Is it real, is it true?  This is what I've been stopping and asking myself when conflict arises or a situation unfolds that I don't quite understand.  Is it real, is it true...what I'm feeling may be real (fear, anger) but is it true?  Am I being confronted with what I'm really interpreting?    This has been such a freeing thought...not only does it honor my feelings but it makes me step back and reassess.  The next takeaway is breathing.  We don't think about this clearly enough...and its free and available to us anytime.

Here's hoping your Fall is already turning into a special time to pause and reflect!

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