Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cotton Pickin'

Included in our visit to last week's pumpkin patch was a small field of cotton growing.  This has been such a hot trend in the shop lately, a pretty natural that fits easily in to any season, but for the life of me, I've never seen the actual plant!  It was in flower with almost lemon to citron blooms reminiscent of hibiscus...these will turn to seed (a few had made pods already) and split into harvest-able cotton.
We sell a beautiful faux wreath and stem at the shop; it actually has natural cotton parts but wired on a posable frame - included are the barbed like natural remnants of the cotton pod.  I have a few people that remember picking cotton back in the day and when they look at those awfully sharp pods they wince and think we're all crazy for bringing cotton back!
At least it's painless to pick out these additions to your home and garden!

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Featured in this post:
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  • Welcome Cotton Wreath Flag - available in garden or house size at Nest Interiors
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