Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baubles and Beads
Over the past few weeks I've found myself itching to return to jewelry making.  It was something I wholeheartedly loved as a teenager, something I dabbled in when we first opened the store 8 years ago...but now I feel I'm ready to explore (and tackle) bigger and more artistic pieces.

I think it was in early June when I went to market in Mississippi and visited Jennifer Thames lovely booth.

I loved everything...and bought quite a few things for the shop.  But the feeling of her booth and then seeing her work daily in the shop reinforced this is art...wearable art.  And that, brought me back to why we dreamed up our little shop so many moons ago. 

Most nights, after the twins are tucked in, I go to my nook and start beading.  Last night I looked up - it was 11:30 when I completed my latest necklace!  I was shocked, but it's been pure bliss to feel the accomplishment of creating these pieces.  I have few more pieces I'm dreaming up within the next week or two, so please follow my Etsy shop or visit our retail location in Ponchatoula, LA

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