Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New around here...

Come and gone was this weekend's Strawberry Festival...a mix of tourists drunk on strawberry daiquiris, hipsters from New Orleans buying armloads of strawberry flats, and wide-eyed children dragging their parents one-armed to the carnival rides.
We hang back.  Hoping people are nice and they don't barf in our planters.  By that account, this year was a success!
Our dear friend, Mary, opened her very own shop next door to us Saturday during the festival.  This cowgirl was one of her first customers...oh she was something else!
I was a bit more focused on this crowd.  Every year in front of my store, Southeastern lubber grasshoppers hatch.  They become huge, ominous black looking things...but they eat mosquitoes and that alone is one great reason to encourage them.  The bebes are miniature versions of their future adult selves...and with anything miniature, I'm always in wonderment.  They all hopped into the plants away from the constant procession of street feet, gobs of them...and not a soul noticed even with the throngs of people pushing down the street to the festival.
And a couple new introductions in the shop before the Fest.  I found through Etsy Wholesale a new soap line: Three Sisters Cauldron.  I absolutely love the packaging and it smells wonderful...I'm ready for some product testing STAT!  I'll be adding these pretties to the bath section of our main website very soon.
Also, new...a green checked prim style towel that I silk-screened with a simplified fleur de lis.  I really adore these towels I've been using (see my primitive ticking stripe towels).  They are super thick and launder so nicely.
Now the rain is washing over us for a few days; April showers, right?  But it's brought in this bright blue guy...an indigo bunting.  Always a thrill to see them and this year they are playing in the rain puddles non-stop.  So, while they have fun in the drops, I'll carry on inside where it's dry and there's plenty to do.

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