Thursday, April 23, 2015

Due Date...

Two days before my actual due date, we got the call from the NICU to "room in" with our son.  It had been a typical Saturday at the shop until that call - we closed as quick as we could, car seat in one hand and diaper bag in the other, we sprinted to those NICU double doors.  We still are waiting on our little girl to complete our family, but this little guy is giving us lots of practice and has already worked with me two days at the shop.
I also committed to a fuchsia while navigating being a new mom.  They notoriously do poorly in our hot Louisiana...but its so pretty.
That same morning, I bought the fuchsia...then got the call, I fortuitously saw this beautiful painted bunting.  The first time I saw one, last year, I was deciding that I wanted to be a mom.
So work with a newborn is still happening, but at a much slower pace and that's ok.  This is one of the new pretty aged papers I received last week.  I've only photographed and listed this one and that seemed to be a pretty huge achievement for the week.
And this lovely vintage ruched red floral pillow; perhaps one of my last thrifting finds for awhile.
a ceramic hen on nest.
and this fun vintage fabric -- I have yards available and not a clue (nor time) to figure out what to do with it, so it's listed until I have a purpose and I may pull it (grab it quick!)


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