Friday, April 17, 2015

April Showers...

Today is the first day all week that we've had a bit of a break from an onslaught of heavy rains or April showers.  And you know what they say...April showers brings May flowers (at this point, perhaps an ark, too).  Let's hope this is true because we just opened a beautiful new line of heirloom seeds in our shop.
This this is why I love what I do.  Sometime in 2013 when we traveled to the Atlanta market, we took a side trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  In their well-curated gift shop, I found Hudson Valley Seeds.  I bought a package, one of their Art Packs - a commission design enveloping their lovely seeds.  Funny that I went all the way to market and found this gem elsewhere.  
Of course its two years happens.  But the idea of little package stayed with me and I even bought some seeds from their retail site.  This year I convinced myself that perhaps its not just me; that maybe my customers would be enamored with these seeds too. 
So here we are!  Hudson Valley Seed Library allowed me to custom my order to seeds just right for my area and I should say -- I picked many easy to grow varieties for the budding gardener.  Nasturtiums, zinnias, sunflowers (staples of my garden always) and organic herbs which includes a nice basil medley, oregano, and catnip (cat lady representin').
I've kept back a few packs and through the raindrops, I've been directly sowing them to bring on those May flowers and test what I do indeed like.  In the shop, its already been immensely fun as I love talking about these little seeds.  I just had a conversation with an eight year old today about Milkweed and the benefits to our monarch population.  She was sold!  I've also listed these on our website, take look yourself and see what you can sow!

some pictures in this post are courtesy of Hudson Valley Seed Library


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