Thursday, March 26, 2015

Greening up...

Ahhhh...this is such a nice time of year in Louisiana.  That brief moment when both wisteria and azaleas bloom in concert, with vibrant pinks and purples that just have to be experienced in person because you just never can capture their colors truly on film.  I feel we've missed out on it a bit as we've been running back and forth to see our twins in the NICU (8 weeks this week!).  We did get our blue bird box up...chickadees have moved in.  Hummingbirds are back and this guy, the blue-headed vireo is probably saying his goodbyes as he travels north.
Something wonderful happened...I was gifted quite a bit of beautiful merchandise from one my favorite craft vendors.  These lovely wooden thread organizers for embroidery and cross stitch.  Too too many for just me to squirrel away.
My favorite...the owl!  The mustache is a close second.
and then these miniature travel sized fob thread organizers - gah!  This is to launch their new Belle Epoque line and to get it into shops to test the new designs.  Here's how I lucked out, the contest gave three obscure clues and through this rare blend of smarts and my Art History minor (it did pay off!) I looked up from the computer screen, scratched my head and said "Belle Epoque"  Oui, oui!

Honestly, this is more than I'll ever use and I'll help them test out the new line by slowing adding it to my Etsy shop by next week.

Speaking of cross stitch, if you are an enthusiast like myself, but with better time management skills you might be interested in joining the Bust Magazine and Subversive Cross Stitch Stitchalong featuring a darling pattern with the Broad City ladies!  This is a perfect starting place for newbies and seasons one and two of Broad City are now on Hulu...treat yo' self!


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