Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dog is My Co-Pilot...

After last week's lackluster sales and collection of visiting weirdos to the shop, I decided to beat those blues back with my best buddy.  Yes, our own VIP (very important puppy), Chico.  She always puts a smile on my face.  Even though its been a busy day, its been really nice to have hug here and there from someone who cares for you unconditionally. 
I've been working on our accessories nook for a couple days now.  New scarves in, a tote bag here and there...and lots and lots of jewelry.
I made these; Native American brick stitch earrings.  I've actually made these off and on since high school (we don't have to talk about how long ago that was).  They were a bit of the rage back then and I remember begging my mother to take me to the bead shop in this nearby speck of a town called Lacombe, Louisiana.  I'm not sure how I knew this was the place to find out how to make these pretty earrings...it turned out to be, yes, somewhat of a bead shop but also the home of a young Native American woman (who I thought was just lovely with long thick black hair).  Of course, I must have been the hundredth adolescent girl that had landed on her doorstep in reference to these earrings.  We came all that way and she was pretty put out; told us "no" she didn't have any books, patterns, or supplies.  I must of just looked heartbroken, and perhaps it convinced her I was honestly interested.  Exasperated, she said "just wait" and went to the back of the house and retrieved a small booklet.  I've treasured it for years.
It takes me about two to three hours to make a pair; I'm not sure I should admit that I'm such a slow poke.  Most of these were made while I was pregnant and it was good fun when I couldn't do much of anything else.  Currently these are available in store; if I can find the time, I'll add them to my Etsy shop.


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