Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Transitional Normal.

We're finding a strange new transitional normal (if you can even call it that) post babies - pre-homecoming (they are still cooking in the NICU).  I'm back at the store - which feels great.  I can't say I'm getting a lot done but I did throw together a St. Patrick's Day table top, basically whatever was green in the store -- its more than I ever do!

We became a dealer for a new chalk paint line, Country Chic Paints...which I owe a upcoming dedicated post.  I wasn't going to go there; I make my own and as much as I encouraged other to do it, I consistently was met with a blank stare.  So, I give up and you know what...this product is actually easier and better than what I was mixing.

Between NICU trips, I've laid out all the accessible thrift shops.  I found this stunner of an Italian leather purse for a mere $4.  I've picked up some sensational fabrics; a few have found their way to my Etsy shop and more are to come.  This past Sunday, one such shop was nearby this now gone and rundown gift shop...honestly the only giveaways that it was a gift shop is the remaining sign out front and now this gift wrap station exposed to the elements and a free range calico (where gift shops go to die).

Also, sadly...I received word this weekend that my Orange is the New Black Cross Stitch pattern was pulled from Etsy due to copy write infringement (according to Liongate).  I've experienced this with one other product and typically it's not even worth my time to fight about it.  The pattern is available from other sources that I won't advertise - since Liongate is sniffing around.  I honestly thought this was one of my most beautiful and intricate patterns and more of a homage to the show rather than a rip off of the show.


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