Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Birds...

We lucked out of the Southern snow (and ice) so far this year, but slightly to the north it has been a tough week for our neighbors.  And to no surprise, when the temperature dropped, all week we've had an influx of "snow birds" through the shop.  All are super giddy, love everything, leave with nothing.  ho hum.  On the other hand, online sales have been super and made up for our walk-ins with frozen wallets.

It's par for the course in retail...but, honestly on chilly days like this I'd rather be with my real snow birds at home with a cup of tea:
red bellied woodpecker
northern cardinal
ruby crowned kinglet
orange crowned warbler
cedar wax wings
Also, if you are a bird nerd like me, you will love this podcast about a young girl who has been feeding crows that now gift her odds and ends.  Crows are genius by the way.


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