Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Louisiana State Vintage Style Souvenir Towel


It's here!  My new Louisiana towel!  Lots and lots of people having been clamoring for a vintage style Louisiana souvenir towel in my shop.  And for a few years now, I've not been able to find a suitable choice through other vendors or through my own designs.  Then, stored in the attic...I find this adorable head scarf from the 1960's in my grandmother's things.

It was perfect and I got to work semi-quickly on cleaning the image up and readying it for transfer through the emulsion process.  I had some quality control issues that perhaps on a second run we can broaden the image back to its full glory...but the towel, a bit simplified...is too stinkin' cute!



Currently these are available in my brick and mortar and online on Etsy.  This is a small run currently and I hope, if received well, I will stock it year round in the coming months...but why not just grab it it while the grabbins' good!


Also, My Don't Make Me Go All Cajun on You towel has been restocked too and makes a nice companion towel to the new Louisiana design.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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