Friday, October 24, 2014

Call me Butter...

It seems like it's taken me months (make that years) to reinvent this particular design!  It's back with a new look -- my "Call Me Butter 'Cause I'm on A Roll" kitchen towel.
And just in time for the holidays when all the dinner rolls are out on good behavior!  I think its just the thing to have hanging around when nosy in-laws are poking around your kitchen, checking out your spread.  Or even for that stuffy hostess (possibly your in-law...yes, I have issues!)  Wouldn't you love to see that face when she opens this?  She might even smile?  Probably not.
Right now these are in store and listed on Etsy.  I plan to list them on the main website and a few other accessible places, including Unique Boutique in Tullahoma, TN (if you are on the way to Nashville).

--Lisa LeBlanc

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