Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer School: Painted Furniture

Every summer I like to treat myself to a class, whether its a new skill or something a little more in depth that I enjoy doing.  Last year it was fabric dyeing; this year I chose a new class on painting furniture hosted by Pine Lily Retreat.  I've loved painted furniture since way before it was a thing, lusting over Maine Cottage catalogs years ago and getting one of the first inklings that yes, maybe...one day I would have a store that would sell wonderful things just like in that catalog.  So, a few weeks ago, I see the ad for this class and think maybe its time to give it a go...
Here's the before...a sweet little telephone table given to me by another shopkeeper and friend down the street from my store.  It had been in her store until she closed and in another before that until it made its way a little further down the street to moi.  I love it but it was a bit more shabby than chic.
After we sanded down our pieces a little bit, we gave it two coats of chalk paint that we mixed ourselves...a little more sanding and then finish of paste wax.
Voila...here it is!  It's actually stunning in person.  The finish is so soft and really adds a new dimension to the color.  The original white peeks out too, preserving a bit of its past history.
I'm definitely going to try this again, especially with so many furniture items that come through the shop that sometimes a little something extra!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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