Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All Days are Earned...

The last few weeks...well, maybe months...have been busy for C and I.  We (mainly me) have been taking each room in our house - decluttering - cleaning - then painting.  I am nearly done; but the "decluttering" phase is not working as well as I had hope, especially when you just put it in another room.  sigh.

C has been busy with a regular job and then filling in for me at the shop when I'm in the throws of working on the house.  So, it was no surprise last night she lamented about what a whirlwind its been this summer...and that she thought we'd be beyond struggling by now.

To me, struggle is living.  It's our perspective in how we walk into each day.  Personally, I like to know each day is earned.  The last two weeks, I've knocked out a few fun projects for the shop:
A new colorway in my silk-screened towels
new! zipper pouches - large enough for projects!
mini zipper pouches too!
crochet pumpkin hats for bebe
crayon wallets are back!
love this fabric combo!
These are the goods that dot my days with pride and happiness.  It is good to be creative, but profoundly better to create.
--Lisa LeBlanc

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