Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's a Wrap!

We survived our town's massive City Wide Yard Sale...ermahgerd.  Plus 60% change rain was scheduled...we got 100%.  Despite the weather, waking up before dawn, huddling under a wet tent, we did amazingly well.  And so did many of our fellow yardsellians.
We had so much; many things did not make it out for the sale...there's always next year, right?
We always have one oddball item...the clown suit was it!  So much interest...finally as we were closing someone called to see if we still had it and came right over.
I even got away for a bit to shop...this is one of my favorite houses.  This year I got to know the sellers and they were a hoot...invited me back when it was calm and dry to dig thru remnant fabric and trim...yes, please!
Next stop was another yearly favorite - R&M Daylilies.  I always pick up a few even though I'm running out of spots to stuff them at the house and the shop.

This is one of the prettiest, best kept secrets in their entire yard is dedicated to daylilies!
And here is a little custom work I did for the Yard Sale committee to celebrate their 5th year.  T-shirts and totes!
I had to incorporate and already existing image from their posters and make it silkscreen "friendly" - we opted to leave off a date so they could be used again and again.  I love the totes - perfect for thrifting with a big wide gusset.  (This year we could of used some printed umbrellas tho!)

If you would like to visit Ponchatoula for our next big Yard Sale, follow along on the committee's Facebook page.  This year brought tourist from as far as New York and California -- it's a big deal!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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