Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cardinal Rule

This weekend we stumbled on to this guy...and I do mean stumbled.  Can you see him?  It's a wee little cardinal bird baby!  Very well camouflaged...I knew something was up only because of its parents loud worried chirps.  I could find no nest in which he might of fallen, I googled.  Apparently, in regards to baby cardinals the question is whether or not it has feathers.  If so, it's more than likely a fledgling learning to fly.
And indeed, by the time I returned...he had moved a good bit.  With very spurty flying jumps.  I decided to keep my distance and observe from a far.  And then he decided to follow me much to the dismay of his parents!
"are you my mother?!"  Nope! 
This is where we had to say our goodbyes!  (at least until you are grown up and can reach the feeders little guy).  His parents ushered him on into a more secluded part of the under brush and I went back inside to finish binging on Orange is the New Black.   (are you watching?  ermahgerd!)

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--Lisa LeBlanc

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