Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Ripple in Time...

This weekend I got my life back so to speak...
I finally finished this massive crochet ripple blanket.  Started way back in October of last year just three weeks before C's birthday.  I just knew I could finish it in time.  *laughs hysterically*

It took nearly one hour for each row - times a gazillion!  And of course one of the colors I selected from the brand Loops and Threads Impeccable (Michael's Brand) was discontinued and I had to scout Ebay and Etsy to find a highly overpriced skein just to complete this.  Now it's done....ahhhh...a very warm queen sized blanket in June.  She says she loves it anyways (I am the worst gift giver)

I used this pattern but obviously increased the size.
It has a nice numerical layout to the color that I could appreciate - 7-5-3-1 

I picked Loops and Threads because it was the most economical and softest yarn that I could get in large quantities (until it gets discontinued).  I used the following:
Arbor Rose

--Lisa LeBlanc

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