Friday, May 30, 2014

Scattered Showers

After weeks of no rain, we've gotten over 10" to 15" in just a couple days.  Great!  Except when you are planning a huge yard sale... *sad trombone* 
flooding within hours - just outside the shop
The show must go on -- and right now I'm debating (procrastinating) on how I'll turn our nice boutique into a down and dirty thrifty yard sale inside as the forecast is still a high 60% tomorrow.  Yard sales are a ton of work but I find it totally exhilarating to get paid to get rid of what I consider junk and have no use for anymore!  So, it will be a total disappointment and loss of many, many hours pricing and packing items for this one shot.  Pretty please Mother Nature!
I'd rather be sewing!  I started this flag quilt Memorial Day with the goal of completion on the Fourth of July.  I originally shared this pattern back in 2011 from Diary of a Quilter.  I'm finally doing this!  If you look back at the original post - someone mentioned her's was backwards - it was!  So, I've corrected that and was going along at a good clip; a row a night and then all hell broke loose - my tension got out of whack.  I had to just walk away.  After some time, internet advice, and a new needle - I started up again last night!  And then the bobbin wonked out.
And a little work is getting done despite the obligations and distractions.  Thanks to my cleaning and clearing out I found these super cute brightly colored checked towels in my stash.  I wasn't sure how they would hold up to silkscreening as the lines are a little thicker than I like...they did beautifully!  And I got to try out this pretty turquoise that I never get to use enough!  I only had three and they are already price reduced as a special offering here at Etsy.
And slowly, I am getting some of the new fabric we scored during our Houston trip.  This one is a fabulous batik with a bright plaid underneath.  I have a nice lot of FIVE yards...yes everything is bigger in Texas - including their fabric offerings.  Sold by the yard here.
This week has brought some new birds to the yard as well.  I had seen the lady Summer Tanager, the mustard colored bird to the right, a few weeks back.  She's back and has a boyfriend!  This pretty solid strawberry guy!  Sorry the pic quality is bad - he totally surprised me!  If it ever stops raining here, I plan to head back out and try an get a better look for them. 

 --Lisa LeBlanc

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