Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Way to go Baby...

We gathered this past weekend that from our noisy nest box, that our Carolina Chickadee hatchlings were almost ready to fledge.  Our resident pair, so diligently worked early to build the nest and endured an unseasonably cold Spring and this past week, both parents have been non-stop, back and forth, to the opening.  So we had to peek...
Five little chicks!
My fantastic photography skills!  Tail shot!
And one day later, I saw a swoosh of birds low in the yard and found flight school was in session!  This one was not so sure about the whole leaving the nest thing.  He clung to the window screens (making the house cats lose their minds) and then made a quick flight to a neighboring branch.  This took all of two hours, with his crying and his parents encouragement before he leaped and sailed right over the roof.
A big day for such a little guy.

 --Lisa LeBlanc

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