Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Secret Garden...

We timed a visit to Windrush Gardens in Baton Rouge just perfectly this past weekend.  The azaleas blooms were tremendous and so plentiful that you could not walk through walls of pinks and violets without an emotional tug.  This is my most favorite garden of any I have been to partially because it's nearly deserted each and every time I wander thru and it feels like mine alone.  It's part of the LSU Rural Life Museum, which is also great but easy to miss unless you know to follow the winding road to the back of the somewhat utilitarian LSU Burden Ag Center.  Adjacent and with no fanfare is a double gate from right outside the museum leading right into this gem.  The day we went it was actually locked; they had had a party the night before and I think forgot to reopen the we actually used a side entrance and snuck our way in...deviants we are!
The garden is reminiscent of European gardens with statues that anchor and frame the spaces, but semi-formal enough to know your definitely in Louisiana with a piney forest to explore. 
We met this guy ever so briefly.

There are a few houses on the property; this property and garden belong to Steele Burden and this cute house was his garden shed and art studio.  I've always been ever so enamored with it.
Venus with a bird nest.  Always, always when we visit the little studio we find a bird nest like a small offering.

If you would like to discover Windrush Gardens, here is the best info I have found online.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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