Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Monday, I thought I saw a strange cardinal.  On second glance, I realized I was not seeing a cardinal at all...but something I've waited for over twenty years now...a painted bunting.
The French call them "nonpareil," meaning "without compare."  And they are truly just that with red, blue and a shocking citron plumage.  It made my day, month, and year!
Vintage Bunting Print
Beyond staring out the window...I have been working.  We have our annual Strawberry Festival this weekend (a bit more on that later), but it's been a constant churn to make, merchandise, and stock those shelves.  My online venues have been waning a bit as the focus is so heavily on our brick and mortar...but I was able to list these two Thimble Necklaces:
I wish I could make this with a bit more regularity (and I wish I would make one for myself!).  But I just have to be in the right mindset.
I like to imagine kindred souls wearing these as they cut a pattern out of a pink calico print or gently guide a new baby quilt, whilst the machine makes a happy whirling sound, or even in the quiet moments of hand embroidery...taking each stitch with a thought of someone special.
And I should give a special thank you to Craft Gossip for featuring my Orange is the New Black Cross Stitch Pattern last week too!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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