Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Merry Metal...

Lots of new finds in the shop over the past few days!   Mostly metal items from two of my vendors that I think marry up quite well together.
Zinc Fleur de Lis Tags - simply use chalk to write and reuse
an over sized scalloped chalkboard for home or prop
Reclaimed metal lobster - in a pinch, it's a crawfish!
Small Accessory Metal Tables with Drawer - in store only 
An obvious choice to add to the shop - vintage style mason jar bird feeder
I'm really digging barn roof gray and playing it against other natural materials such as wood and other reclaimed metals.  In design school, it was always stressed upon us about the "honesty" of materials...i.e., do not use wood laminate when you can use real wood or stucco when you can use brick or stone.  Now, I know there are cost implications and that weighs heavily in all our stylistic decisions.  But in these small items, think of them as little luxuries, they are what they are...honest to your very senses.  I think that's the appeal for me, at least.

 --Lisa LeBlanc

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