Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Berry Rough

Whoa...this weekend was Strawberry Festival and I still have not quite recovered.  The shop was packed all of Saturday and most of Sunday, unfortunately it was the worst crowd I've encountered in 7 years.  I say that, giving a lot of leeway to past festival behavior...we all know people are super casual, a little tipsy...whatever, right?  it's a carnival atmosphere.  This year was different.  I've not encountered so many people that were just flippin' entitled and rude.  From scowling at us when we would greet them at the door to the lady that snuck back in our bathroom and dropped the poo bomb (and didn't buy one thing).  There were people continually parking and blocking the driveways, a man that entirely lathered himself in sunscreen immediately adjacent to all of the baby clothes, and someone in the night took it upon themselves to kick over the planters I had just potted with new plants.  I can tolerate a lot, especially if I am making some money...but we didn't make any.  C says I must move on and stop talking about it...oh bother, I guess I can bitch again about in 52 weeks.

Anywho, I did buy a tremendous amount of stock for the festival...would you like to see it?  It's all still here!
new scarves

Blue Crab Earrings
Bella Rose Purse with a super cute polka dot lining
Reversible Messenger Totes
Owl Necklace Sets
The good news is...I think we're ready for Mother's Day!  Oh are such a gamble!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Retail can be a tricky game. "Thanks for letting us look" is what we hear a lot. No seriously, it's all for sale is what I want to say. I bite my tongue. Hang in there!