Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Odds and Ends...

I just know Spring is around the corner...I know it!  Already the weather is strange here, one day 70 degrees and the next 40 degrees; now with the time change, I think we're all thoroughly confused.  I've been quiet lately...keeping offline for a bit...working on a few personal projects - which may or may not become something for the shop.  I think nature and myself have a few things to still get settled yet in the coming weeks.

In that time, I have started some Spring Cleaning and I'm clearing out a few of my personal vintage odds and ends this week over at my Etsy shop
Newly listed is this vintage needlepoint; I like it - retro, yet the colors feel really now.  I think she wants to be a pillow but I'll let someone else decide as she is up for grabs here.
Random, I know, but somewhere along the way, I found this vintage ceramic nun.  She is cute although a bit creepy that she appears childlike.  Find her here.
This sweet vintage dress was probably mine but looks older (yeah, of course, it has too be waaay older than me, right?)  Anyway, it is completely darling - I have no idea the size (measurements are included in the listing) and I have no memory of wearing it so yes I think I'm way too young - yay!
And of course, there is fabric.  This vintage woven is stunning, I tell you.  I think it would be just the thing to upholster the seat of a few chairs at your beach house (invite me over first!) or pillows in a sun room!  Snag it here.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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