Friday, March 21, 2014

A Bone to Pick

Apologies first this will be ranty.  Sorry, I can't help myself today as this is two-fold; one supporting local business in general and secondly my own personal business.

It's a Friday of an inexplicably odd week.  Tuesday was bustling, Wednesday was empty, and Thursday was meh.  Yesterday though, a man came into return an Easter flag for his wife.  She just decided she didn't like it, even though it had been 2 days beyond our exchange policy.  I didn't even mention that but I did explain we have an exchange only policy and since she was not present, I wrote out a merchandise credit to be used within an entire year on anything in the shop.  He was a bit befuddled, you know, just following orders, and took it dutifully.  Not 45 minutes later, *ding* she had posted on our Facebook page -- asking what the return policy was...I reiterated exactly what is printed at the bottom of EVERY receipt.  And then she goes and says this:
Yeah, thanks for the advice.  I get a bit fatigued when customers tell me how to run a small business in a small town.  I've been here now six years.  The shop could always improve and I look everyday for where I can make meaningful change that our customers will appreciate.  But our exchange policies are honestly no different from the string of other boutiques that dot our town and through the region.  But if she really wants her $25 back, I can't give it to her because its not even here!  It's in the light bulb burning above my head, long gone with the credit card fee and taxes I paid on her transaction, and in the same damn flag that sits here that I reordered after she purchased it (now I have two!)  Sorry, I told you this was a rant.

But lastly, as I'm reading these acrid words of hers and I'm reaching inside me to find a way to respond politely. I'm thinking about a friend of mine dying of cancer right now and that I too may come out of remission and find myself to with years shortened.  But no, this lady wants her $25 back and wants to waste both our precious remaining days on a trivial, silly flag. 

--Lisa LeBlanc

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