Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Garden

This was Sunday...
A total respite from this wicked winter we've been having!  Sunshine, mild temps, pinch me it's Spring!
We even all sat outside while I finished up The Goldfinch and caught up on some birdwatching.  It was brief tho...by yesterday, Winter greys were back and today the rain and near freezing temps - boo!

Despite the return of winter (or the ever so brief pause); the gardening bug has bitten super hard and I am aching to get back into the yard, clean it up and see something green!  I ended up at one of the big box garden centers Sunday AM and got a few frost proof plants (lavender, cilantro, and pansies).
Lavender really never does well in the South, too humid and moist; but a lady 30 minutes north of me grows it and does well.  So, I thought I would attempt it again.  I found a lot of good tips for growing lavender in the South here.  But ultimately, the lazy gardener in me, dug a hole and plop it in.  I nestled some leaves around since it's a bit chill for its new roots - but it might rebel against that too.  Fingers crossed!  It it fails, I know, I know - it's my fault.
The pansies were for the shop garden.  Which is pa-the-tic!  Everything brown and dead, blah.  I hurried this morning and planted them before the rain.  Of all the hats I wear at the shop, I think I like shop gardener best!  I just wish there was more time than a parting glance before I leave of each night.
I also joined the Hudson Valley Seed Library.  I first saw their beautiful, artfully decorated, seed packages at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Lovely free sunflowers seeds everyone can grow, plus oodles of other garden goodies - for $5 (+shipping).  Just the thing to get me out of the winter doldrums!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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