Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Studio Days...

Today's inspiration courtesy of Sukie80
I'm back to being a creative vixen once again and it feels great!  Monday, I spent most of the day in my studio (which, tho lovely treasures leave, what remains is a trash heap!  -- trust me all the best studios are a mess!). 
I rehabbed this slightly damaged birdcage that came in the shop last week.  A new thrifted nest with eggs I glittered!  Manufacturers always tell me to dispose of these items...yeah right! I wouldn't re-sell anything damaged but, for myself, in my own home - game on!

I squeeked out this Easter project that's been two years in the making...meaning the idea would pop into my head then swiftly be forgotten until after Easter.
It's a little play on words with a cute bunny butt wishing you a Happy Keaster (instead of keester! har har!!)
Each bunny tail is sewn on by hand - I even made a fancy hidden knot, so this bun won't be losing his tail anytime soon.  Currently, I've listed this small run of towels on Etsy - so grab one!

I also, unearthed some pretty vintage linens and out of print fabrics in my cedar trunk and I just listed them this afternoon.
Out of Print Ozark Calico by Fabri-Quilt - 1 yard
A vintage blue rose calico - 3/4 yard
Darling Vintage Set of Applique Towels
It feels great to be busy again, making treasures for the shop, up-cycling new lovelies for myself and, of course finding new (albeit vintage) items for others to put to good use!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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